Sea of Souls

Sea of Souls is a fictional drama series. A group of faculty and staff at a Glasgow university studies the paranormal and investigates all psychic events in their Scottish location.

Starring: Bill Patterson | Michelle Duncan

BBC: TV Series : 2 x 6 hr (2 seasons)

BBC:  Sony Pictures Television International

YEAR: 2005-2006

Producers: Stephen Garwood | Gareth Neame

Writer: David Kane

Directors: Maurice Phillips | Suri Krishnamma | Diarmuid Lawrence | Andy Hay | Patrick Harkins

BAFTA Awards 2005

Won – BAFTA Scotland Award
Best Drama Programme

BAFTA Awards 2005

Nominated – BAFTA Scotland Award
Best First-Time Performance – Michelle Duncan

Edgar Allan Poe Awards 2006

Won – Edgar
Best Television Episode Teleplay – Ed Whitmore – For episode “Amulet”.