Garrow’s Law

Garrow’s Law is the true tale of William Garrow {1760-1840}, who acted as counsel for the accused, introducing the concept of ‘innocent until proved guilty’ at London’s Old Bailey.

Starring: Andrew Buchan | Rupert Graves | Lyndsey Marshall | Alun Armstrong

BBC: TV Series 6 x 1hr

BBC:  BBC Productions

YEAR: 2009

Producer: Dominic Barlow

Writer: Tony Marchant

Director: Peter Lydon

BAFTA Awards 2010

Nominated – BAFTA TV Award
Best Photography and Lighting (Fiction/Entertainment) – Lukas Strebel

BAFTA Awards, Scotland 2011

Nominated – BAFTA Scotland Award
Best Television Drama – Ashley Pearce (director) / Nick Pitt (producer)

Crime Thriller Awards, UK 2012

Nominated – Dagger
Best Supporting Actor – Alun Armstrong

Royal Television Society, UK 2010

Won – RTS Television Award
Best History

Nominated – RTS Craft & Design Award
Best Music, Original Titles – Edmund Butt

Television and Radio Industries Club Awards 2012

Nominated – TRIC Award
TV Drama Programme of the Year – Tony Marchant (creator)